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[ Fully Imported ] Totachi Super Long Life Coolant Red

[ Fully Imported ] Totachi Super Long Life Coolant Red

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Weight: 2 kg, 500 grams
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Brand: Totachi
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Product Description :

Prediluted coolant, based on ethylene glycol.  The product is specially engineered for cooling systems of TOYOTA cars in accordance with the requirements of Japanese standard JIS K 2234 for Super Long Life Coolant. It is also suitable for cooling systems of other passenger cars and commercial vehicles of various OEMs. The product contains an effective package of additives and inhibitors for maximum protection of cooling systems of majority of engines, including those with application of aluminum alloys. The recommended service life is up to 3 years / 150 000 km, is designed for application in cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines of leading Japanese car manufacturers: TOYOTA, Lexus and Daihatsu. The formulation, which is free from silicates, nitrates, amines and borates, provides decrease of hard deposits and extends service life of water pumps.

ОЕМ Requirements :

  • JASO M325,
  • ASTM D3306,

Application :

  • Designed for application in cooling system of gasoline and diesel engines of leading Japanes car manufacturers: Toyota, Lexus and Daihatsu.
  • The recommended drain interval of product for service fill is 5 years / 250 000 km.
  • Modern engines, which require enhanced protection of aluminium alloys against high-temperature corrosion.
  • The product can be safely mixed with original TOYOTA coolants.

Benefits : 

  • Offers effective corrosion protection of engine parts made of iron (cast iron), aluminium, various solders and copper aloys.
  • Provides improved heat exchanging characteristics, which enhance performance of engines in highly loaded operating conditions.
  • The product is fully compatible with seal materials and rubber hoses, typically used by Japanese OEMs.