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Dento ATF Multi-Vehicle LV

Dento ATF Multi-Vehicle LV

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Weight: 4 kg, 500 grams
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Brand: Totachi
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Product Description :

DENTO ATF Multi-Vehicle LV is a synthetic low viscosity ATF, designed specifically for latest hydro-mechanic automatic transmissions of many OEMs such as TOYOTA, HYUNDAI, KIA, MITSUBISHI & LEXUS cars, with requirements of DEXRON VI, ATF SP-IV, TOYOTA WS, MERCON LV and other equivalent specifications. The product’s formulation contains highly refined synthetic base stocks with high viscosity index, which, in combination with additive package, provides protection against wear and optimal friction performance for smooth gear shifts. To conform with global trends, the product is a low viscosity fluid which reduces inner resistance loss, thus decreasing fuel consumption. Dento ATF Multi-Vehicle LV provides full protection of all parts and reliable performance of automatic transmission in high loads. 

Application :

  • The product is designed for many types of the latest hydraulic automatic transmissions by General Motors, Ford Motor Company and many other OEMs.
  • Dento ATF Multi-Vehicle LV is designed specifically for the latest AISIN-WARNER automatic transmissions of TOYOTA and LEXUS cars.
  • The product can be used in AISIN-WARNER transmissions with JWS 3324 or NWS-9638 specifications requirements.

Benefits :

  • DENTO ATF Multi-Vehicle LV meets requirements of most advanced automatic transmission OEMs which recommend ATFs with low viscosity for increasing operational efficiency and lowering fuel consumption.
  • The genuine additive technology minimizes wear an provides the required the required friction rate for transferring torque.
  • The product contributes to smooth and silent gear shifts in wide range of operating temperatures.
  • DENTO ATF Multi-Vehicle LV offers outstanding anti-oxidizing performance and guaranteed oil film shear strength,which provides ''life-long'' service.